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track name: Stardust Road
artist: Mahito Yokota
album: Super Mario Galaxy Platinum Version-(OST)
play count: 1193


Super Mario Galaxy || Stardust Road


Studio Ghibli Favourites » Mei Before Meeting Totoro
track name: Isn't This Such A Utopia?!
artist: Shogo Sakai
album: Mother 3
play count: 755


Mother 3 - Isn’t This Such A Utopia!


I bought this way back in April at a con and only now am I truly questioning the reason I bought it. Like what purpose is it gonna serve? What reason do I even need this finely crafted piece of wood?

TRIPS Howl’s moving castle

track name: A Certain Someone's Memories
artist: Shōgo Sakai
album: Mother 3 OST
play count: 165